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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adam Fine!!!

We did a ton of sight seeing and even more eating. Prior to the gallery opening I contacted one of my favorite illustrators (Josh Cochran) who lives in the city and invited him. He showed up with the intention of meeting me and I wussed out and didn't introduce myself. However, I did meet one of my legends Rudy Guiterrez. I told him that he was my "god". He laughed and told me to email him when I get home.<==still haven't done it! I will though I promise. The show went great, me and Emily had a ton of great feed back. We ended up sticking our promotional hand outs behind our pieces (tacky I know) but it worked, by the time we left they were all gone. We didn't really have a choice with putting our promo cards up because we didn't know who was who? All the students had name tags on but no one else did. We had no clue who to hand them out to? It sucked!!! After the gallery opening my wife, Emily, Jared, and my in-laws went to serendipity for dessert! Woo hoo!
Anyways, so I am currently under close watch by two reps, which if I pray hard enough they will sign me on. It was really scary meeting them and having them tell me they liked my work because I have been turned down so many times. I couldn't get a hold of any art directors. However, if this rep thing turns out it I won't have too. By the way Taylors I applied for a couple of jobs in Portland so if we end up there we have to hang out. I can't type anymore because I have angry kids. bye.

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