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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Business Card

This is what I am thinking for my latest business cards. What do you think?


  1. Can I see it bigger?

    drop the gradient ...tacky!!! mostly it might need to be desaturated to make the characters pop a bit more.

    The gradient thing is just a personal thing. I like solid colors. It is the hip thing to do...hahaha

    I really like that girl character

  2. Ya I agree with Adam, you should drop the gradient. GIve it a nice light cool color. Have you thought about hand writing your own type instead of using one? I think it would make a greater connection.

  3. i really like the girl character a lot! she's very strong! and i agree with adam and cliff, no gradient, and i think i'd make the type's distance between the top and the bottom the same. make your name a tad bit bigger, and play with the font a bit more. but again i think your character is really fun to look at. :-)