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Friday, July 2, 2010

Okay just tell me if this sounds retarded.

im making a small book dummie before i go to NY. I wasn't going to do one but i think it would really up my chances of getting a job. i'm not making up a story cuz that in itself takes me forever, but im picking a story that everyone is familiar with, just so they can see what i can do yaddah yaddah (you all know this) i was brainstorming with my sister last night and she came up with this ridiculous idea. but its different might work

the jungle book
(under the sea style)

pack of wolves-dolphins
Kaa (snake)-eel
Sher Khan (tiger)-shark

idk. it's kinda bizarre to wrap my head around it

i am kinda leaning towards Wizard of oZ with a under the sea theme too
but i'm fine doing it regular style as well
(i haven't really thought all this through yet, but you get the idea)

Dorothy- mermaid (obviously)
yellow brick road- long line of a school of bright yellow fish..or a yellow current...
Munchkin land would be a flourishing fish community (aka coral reef)
Cowardly lion-a shark
WWofthe West-some version of a Ursula
flying monkeys- manta rays or octupi

like i said havn't thought it through but i am getting some fun images in my head but please tell me if this is dumb!


  1. I am partial to the jungle book idea. The Wizard of Oz one is a little bit to much of a stretch I think.

  2. see which one you have more fun with in the drawings. spend some time with the characters and let it become something on its own. What about your ogre story? you could use that dummy... i don't really know what to tell you... it's up to you

  3. Erin says, from experience, don't try to rewrite the story. Just focus on characters and the style it will be done in.

  4. my honest feeling is that it might feel a little forced to squeeze in a dummy in such little time. Maybe you should make some concept paintings/drawings and then pitch your idea for the book that way...