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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wow, that took forever. That stupid $50 kill fee took 9 months to squeeze out of that loser. Now...I'm rich!!! hahaha. Not really, but that was a hard $50 bucks. I am never doing that again. Any good stories anybody? Come on, you know you want to vent about people ripping you off...


  1. Oh I have about a million. With that last job that I got hired to do The guy was supposed to come and sign the contract so I could get started. He emailed me and postponed it two days. I didn't think to check my email so I sat around for half an hour waiting for him. Then two days later when he was supposed to come again he e-mailed me again saying that the project has been postponed indefinitely because he can't find all of the funds and because some other writers told him that his story needs some revision and needs to be shortened (which it does). It sucks that he wasted a bunch of my time but, at least I got a free meal out of the whole thing.

  2. A lady in CA contacted me and said she had a story she had written and was submitting it to publishers but she wanted illustrations for the whole thing! i tried to educate her on how publishers only need 2-3 illustrations for the dummie blah blah blah, it was like hitting your head on a brick wall. anyways she wanted to do 20 illustrations for $20 each....but she was open to hear my suggestions. so i decided, hmmm for 400 bucks i could make the entire book dummie for her with 2-3 finished paintings. i told her this but for some reason she was stuck on the $20 per painting idea. it wasn't for another couple of conversations before i realized that she didn't understand me. lol. when i clarified what i acutally had in mind there was a veryvery long silence! oh well, she said she'd think about it and after another 2 weeks said that she couldn't afford the project. i had spent a lot of time writing up the contract and researching for her! it was so lame!

  3. happens more times than i have kept count of:

    initial email "I LOVE your work! I want you to illustrate for me..."
    me "OK I charge $$$..."
    reply email? ...if gmail could make a cricket chirping sound, it would...