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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Help Me!

Somebody say something funny! I feel like my creative soul is dying! I need to hear from you guys.

Seriously, someone give me some advice. Tell me what to do.

I work weird hours in a job I hate and don't get paid enough for. Then I don't ever have anytime to paint or do anything creative. I need a new life but I feel stuck.

On the plus side, I just finished a really awesome mural for my bishop a couple of weeks ago.

Now it's your turns. Tell me how your lives are going.


  1. So the other night I was changing Alizalyn's diaper in the dark and she farted, then there was a fart in response from the bed, then she farted again. I was totally left out of the conversation...

  2. Plus you should come visit us and swim at the beach.Come tomorrow! Move into our complex (its really cheap! :D )

  3. Dito! the not Alizalyn fart may or may not have been me...