Monday, July 11, 2011



I have decided to make a game for the ipad. It will be called Om Nom Monster. The concept of the game is pretty basic but I think it will be fun. Random Object will scroll past the monster and the gamer will move the monster and make the jaws shut on the objects.

These are the monsters that I have come up with so far. I wanted to show them to you all to get some feedback and share what I am doing.

I will probably choose around 10 monsters for the actual game so if you have ones that you would like to see in the game you can tell me.

I am in need of suggestions of random stuff for the monsters to eat as well, so if you want to throw a few ideas my way that would be awesome
Thanks for the help! I look forward to seeing what you write.


  1. I take it that your 100 random things post on Facebook last night was for things the monsters should eat right? Of the monsters you've created I like the candy kid, plaid bearded monster, monacle/top hat monster, airplane monster, backwards hat monster, hair monster w/ tie, the female swing dancer monster, female school teacher monster, the mummy, and the walrus monster. I'm pumped to see it finished!

  2. Yeah, the facebook post was for this project. Thanks for your suggestions Cliff. I am narrowing it down to 10 monsters and most of the ones you said you liked have made the list so far. I am going to save some of the others for a sequel game... if this makes enough money or gets enough ettention to merit a sequel.