Friday, September 9, 2011

......and another one!

Ok so I've been commissioned to do another piece. Only, this time it's a pop book that's due by Wednesday and I am super nervous! If any of you have had experience with pop ups then we need to talk. This project is getting more increasingly difficult than originally pitched!


  1. That sounds awesome!!! Congrats. Let me know what kind of help you are looking for. I don't know anything, but we could brainstorm if you need to.

  2. Thanks buddy! As it turns out I re-read the instructions and it's not quite what I thought. I have to draw a 2-dimensional image and make it appear like it's popping out of a book. Not quite as difficult but still difficult in its own way. I'll have to the client by Wednesday so hopefully you'll be seeing it soon.

  3. that's awesome cliff!! Congrats on the new baby too! Heather looked so adorable! :-)