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Monday, March 29, 2010

Work Tme

So I have been super busy and I apologize. However, I need your help so critique please. I'm not worried about lighting in this just design. Shapes on shapes so please take the time and give me your two cents.


  1. at first glance i wasn't too sure about the lamp post in the dead center of the painting. but after a while i am starting to like it. just be careful that the trees and the post aren't on the same plane. it's a little confusing. I think if the shorter tree was in front of the post as well, it would help push the post back. but i love the pallette, and how that crazy greenness leads the eye everywhere and how all the other elements reinforce it. awesome, the end

  2. its fun- the yellow post on the right side stops right at the tree branch though, is it a light also? just want to see the top of it somewhere so it isnt a mystery...i cant stand the suspence

    -erin who is too lazy to sign in and thinks that you should consider moving to NYC with us this summer

  3. p.s. adam and i agree that unless POOP is in there for content reason that the text is distracting. dont let dumbs read illustrations, make them look at pictures! its the best part