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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Teeny Tiny Tina

I was hired to do a fairy book and I think it is going to be a lot of fun... and a lot of work!


  1. you make me sick! why do you have to make me feel like crap EVEN when you are away from here???

    i like it a lot erin. it's busy, but i think you grouped the values just so, so that it works. but i think your environment is better than your character. I think her face is a little too simplified. and the only other thing is the white space behind her is a little confusing. If it's lit up in there, it should be warmer, and you need to show the wall thickness. besides that, i am pretty much going to go in my room and cry cuz i don't think we can be friends anymore. (lol jk)

  2. thanks for the guilt inducing compliments :) and good suggestions, it helped a lot to fill in the door and fix her little downs syndrome face...

  3. that looks better with the blue and the glowing