Thursday, April 1, 2010

another page

i will lessen the torture...the rest will be on please notice my typo in naming the blog, my client (ooo how fancy) loved that part...


  1. I like that chubby fairy. I think that the figures could all use a little more warmth. Especially the skin.

  2. bah hahahaha! that's what you get when you become TOO brilliant! (about the blog name) lol
    i likes it BUT
    The blonde's left arm is wigging me out. It looks like it's coming from the middle of her chest vs her left shoulder. if you put it on the table it might look more natural

  3. dont you know, all fairies have freaky chest arms and are suntan resistant- like me :)

  4. oooo much better! it helps with the perspective too i think