Friday, May 14, 2010

Page One. . .

The big empty space is where the title and other info is going to go. What do you guys think about having a few spreads with white space like this page? (I'm trying to make things simpler).


  1. I think that I like it. It is hard to tell without the text though. It might be a little too dull. It could maybe use a touch more warmth here and there. But I am not totally decided on that yet. The grayness works for a foggy effect but maybe a touch more color on the ogre would help and maybe just a little bit on the tree.

  2. I like the design of it. I am a huge fan of good white space... I am working on figuring that out myself...haha.

  3. YAY you guys are alive!
    your critiques are awesome! thanks so much

    the original plan was to have the book start very mute and boring and as the story progresses it'll get more colorful and fun.
    (I just realized you dont know the story)
    So for now it's supposed to be a little bland because it's what provokes the adventure part of the story. after a boring, green life He notices a juicy red apple and a trail of orange mushrooms and flowers, fascinated, he follows it and finds a gypsy/ witch in a clearing full of bright and colorful things. He learns that she made it all that way with a magic paint brush and he manages to steal it and then he magically "paints" the forest all sorts of different colors and patterns everywhere....
    anyways i can warm him up a little but i don't want to get too much because i want to set the "mood" of boring-ness